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Dice rolls


The system of Soar is designed to be non-intrusive. “Just roll” or do a deep dive into complexity, whichever suits the time and stakes.


Your character has four attributes: brains, brawns, nerves & senses. Each has a die, D4 - D20, associated to it. Lower type is better.


Just grab your die, roll it and add or remove dice to simulate advantage or counteraction. Quick and easy.


If a die roll results in a 3 or lower, it's a successful hit. The target value can change depending on your character's preparations or ambitions.


If a check can be associated with a skill that your character is trained in, the skill's bonus dice are added to the roll.


If a check falls under your skill's focus you get the option to push yourself and reroll the failed dice.


Only one hit is normally needed to make a successful check. Extra hits can be invested to improve the result for you or others.


A die's hit result indicates how well that hit is executed. E.g. how weapons inflict damage, or how well you debate your opponent.